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Ashtarak, Oshakan and Amberd (Qari lich)

Duration : 6-7 hours

Ashtarak is famous for the variety of ancient churches. Oshakan Church is buried the creator of the Armenian alphabet Mesrop Mashtots. In the courtyard of this church is a park of the Armenian alphabet with huge stones. Amberd Fortress is the largest and best preserved fortress in Armenia, located on the slope of Mount Aragats. Mount Aragats is the highest mountain in the modern territory of Armenia.

Mount Aragats has four peaks that surround its crater. A magnificent view opens from the top of Aragats: green mountain carpets on one side, eternal snow and a clear lake on the other, and if you look right in front of you you will see the biblical Ararat. The best place for a comfortable stay is the shores of Stone Lake (Kari Lich), located at an altitude of 3250 m above sea level.