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Sevan, Sevanavank and Noratus

Duration: 7 hours (~250 km, 3,5 hours on road)

Tour route:

Excursion to Lake Sevan (the largest lake in Armenia). The shores with rocky churches and temples that have been holding the lake for centuries will leave you unforgettable memories. It seems that in Armenia there is no better place to think about eternity. In this one-day trip from Yerevan you will see the main attractions of Lake Sevan, namely its western shore.

The ancient relict lake Sevan - “The Pearl of Armenia” - is one of the largest high-mountain freshwater lakes in the world. The coastline of Lake Sevan is very picturesque with its dense forests, white exposed steep cliffs, mountain steppes and alpine meadows. Continue on to Noraduz, a village famous for its large Khachkar cemetery. There are about 900 cross-stones of different styles and eras. The next place is Sevanavank. Visit the remains of the monastery, which include two temples - Surb Arakelots and Surb Astvatsatsin, standing among numerous cross-stones. The buildings were built of black tufa, which probably gave the monastery the name "Sevanavank" - "Black Monastery". Today, two black temples of Sevan are deserted. The view from there is simply magnificent: mountains surround the lake from all sides, and snowy peaks are visible almost all around the perimeter.

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