Sevan Lake has always impressed everybody with its unique beauty. It’s not surprising that Armenians consider it the pearl of their country. One of the reasons why Lake Sevan is so valuable for Armenians is that Armenia has no access to the sea. But that’s not the whole thing about Sevan. This blue-eyed beauty is full of quite many fascinating facts about which you may not even know. This list of fun facts about Lake Sevan will help you know more about the wonderful lake and plan your time there as best. Well, whether you get it literally or generally, in both cases you’ll be right. Sevan is one of the fresh water high-altitude lakes in the world. Lake Sevan is about 2000 meters above sea level. This unique geographical position makes Sevan admirable once again. As a whole, there are not many fresh water high-altitude lakes in the world. Lake Sevan is known for its unique feature of changing its color every once in a while. Depending on the weather it can have the most various colorings of blue and green. It’s widely accepted among Armenians to call Sevan as “Blue-Eyed Beauty”. Even if you look at the map of Armenia, Sevan will definitely remind you of one. According to many geologists’ theories, Lake Sevan has a volcanic origin. The lake originated after igneous lava has closed three streams of Hrazdan River. This formed a huge pool. Gradually this pool was filled with water and in this way Sevan was formed.
By the way, Lake Sevan is conditionally made of two parts: larger, which is called Major Sevan and smaller and deeper one which is called Minor Sevan. It is assumed that Major Sevan is about 1 million years old, while Minor Sevan is only 100000 years old. Sevan trout is considered to be one of the main treasures of the lake. This fish has always been the queen dish during all Armenian ceremonies. Sevan trout used to be large part of Armenian industry during Soviet period. Unfortunately, today the number of this fish species has increased. Sevan trout is considered as one of extinct species and is included in the Red Book of Animals in Armenia. Nowadays there are many attempts to prevent the Sevan trout disappearance. Today Sevan trout is mainly propagated by hatcheries.

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