Dilijan is one of the major cities in Armenia, and has a lovely mountain climate and several mountain springs. Dilijan is located in the marz (province) of Tavush, in the Aghstev River gorge among coniferous woods. Famous for its healing aromatic air, Dilijan is famous for those with respiratory diseases. The climate in Dilijan is mild and sunny, with average temperatures of -2°C (28°F) in January and 20°C (68°F) in July. Dilijan is a delightful small town surrounded by wild nature. There are velvet hills all around the town, covered with various herbs and thick coniferous and pine woods. The forest mountain climate, with its mild winds, warm winters and cool summers, makes Dilijan a popular resort town, as do the mineral springs that bring water rich in carbon dioxide straight to the surface. The mineral waters here have been compared to the springs in Borjomi, Georgia, and Vichy, France. The exact date of Dilijan’s founding has yet to be determined. Sources in the early 19th century have mentioned the town, as this is when Dilijan began to develop as a resort and hotel town. Lake Parz is located at an altitude of 1334 meters and is surrounded by thick forests of the Dilijan Reserve. Completely pure water enters the lake from mountain springs therefore it has a light green tint. The name “Parz lich” translates as “transparent lake”. Trees growing along the coastline are reflected on the water surface and create an amazing “painting” effect. There are many cozy establishments and rest houses in the vicinity of the pond where you can spend your time, escape from the city vanity, ride horses or simply organize a picnic with whole family. This place is considered the most popular natural landmark of Dilijan


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